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The Bowling Club was established on its present site in March 1934 on what had been farm land and a caravan site, and was formally opened by the Mayor of Brighton Corporation, Mrs Margaret Harding.  An ancient cowshed was adapted as a pavilion which is still in use today.  It has a wealth of very old oak reputed to have formerly been ships timbers.   At the inaugural meeting the officers elected were Sir Roderick Jones KBE, Admiral Clark CBE, Sir George Lewis Bart., Col. Moens DSO, and William Brown JP.  These were the Honourable Members and the rest were “players”, i.e. working men from the village!  How times have changed!  The first lease from the Brighton Corporation was for three years  at a cost of £50 per annum, and the club’s annual membership subscription was £1.1s.0d.  The Club even had an annual tea party given in the house of the Village Squire.

In 1934 only two games were played, both against Newhaven, but by 1935 the number of games had risen to 21.  Lady playing members were admitted in late 1934, and the first record of a Ladies’ Section is in 1942 when they played a grand total of three games.  By 1943 membership had risen to 80, and ten years later had reached 117, most of whom played matches regularly and competed for club trophies which had been generously donated by club members.  Activity at the club increased as membership grew with friendly home and away games, county and national competitions.

We now have over 70 members who play up to 80 games and competitions throughout Sussex during the five month season, May to the end of September.  The club house has changed very little since 1934, but the green is updated and surrounded by an electric fence to prevent damage by our small animal friends!